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How to add more photos to the products in the Online Catalog

See how to make your Online Catalog more complete, with the new option to add more photos to your products.


Shall we learn how to add more photos for products in the Online Catalog?

1. Access the ONLINE CATALOG screen, on the left side menu.

2. Click on the CAMERA icon on the desired product.

If the product already has a photo registered, click on the image.

3. Click the CAMERA icon again.

4. Select the desired photo and click OPEN.

5. Perform the IMAGE ADJUSTMENT.

6. Click on ADD.

You can perform this procedure again and add up to 5 photos in the product registration.

7. Click on SAVE.

Done! You learned how to add more photos to your products in the Online Catalog, making it more attractive and allowing your customers to see your products better.

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