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Subscribing with Western Union

See how easy it is to make the payment os your NEXTAR subscription using Western Union.

By default, the NEXTAR POS subscription payment is made by PayPal. Although, in many countries the PayPal system is not available, because of the government law or credit card operator issues. Being thus, we offer an alternative payment option by the Western Union.

To make the payment via the Western Union, you first need to find a "location" or "agent" next to you. To do so, go to

When you access it, locate the option "Find Location", on the top, as shown in the image below:

A page with the search option will show up. Select your country and inform your city or zip code. Then click "Go", as shown in the image below.

It will then open a map and also a list. In both you can find the agent closest to you, as shown below:

The next step then is to go to this agent or location, with the transfer money in hand. Then request a transfer to Brazil via the Western Union. You will receive a form that must be completed by yourself.

One of the data in the form asks for the name of the recipient, the person you are sending to in Brazil. In this field, add the name of Luciano Vidal Wagner.

Give the form to the agent and finalize the transaction with him. You will then receive an "MTCN" code. Write down this code because you will need it.

At the end of the procedure, send an e-mail to The following data must be included in the body of the email:

1 - Your name and full contact email

2 - Store owner's name and registration email

3 - MCTN code

4 - Amount (R$) sent in Brazilian Real

5 - Name of the requested plan

Important Information:

- Send the amount in Brazilian Real currency and make sure that a NEX Analyst is aware and awaiting. (If sent in another currency it will not be accepted).

- It is important to note that there is no automatic renewal (recurrence) in this type of payment.

- Additional fees may be charged, varying the amount according to the rules of your country for this type of transfer. These amounts are not applicable to Nextar, but only at the rates of your country.

- With Western Union, only semi-annual (R$ 600.00) or annual (R$ 1000.00) subscriptions are available.
(Estimated values depending on the exchange rate of the dollar).

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