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How to check the sales by category of the current register

In this tutorial you will learn how to check the sales made by product category in your current box.


  • The Register management is available only on PREMIUM plan. Learn more about Nex subscription plans.

Let's check the sales by category

1. Go to REGISTER menu.

2. On the Current Register tab, click the SEE TOTAL button.

3. A window will open with reports on your current register, the fourth tab corresponds to the number of sales made classified by product category and the total amount sold of each one.

4. Check the RESULTS.

Category: Indicates the name of the category; Quantity: Quantity of products sold belonging to that category; Total: Total amount in sales of products belonging to that category. Includes the paid, the left as a debt and returned sales.

5. It is possible to click EXPORT, create a REPORT or PRINT THE SALES BY CATEGORY, by clicking on the correspondent button.

This same process is useful to consult several reports that are generated when totalizing the register such as transactions, payment methods, movements of products and the financial summary, you can also export ot to Excel, print them and generate reports.

Done! In this way you can verify the sales by category made in your current register.

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