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Cash Register

How to check and generate register reports

See how to check the financial summary, the payment methods report, stock movement, sales by category and all register transactions.


  • This tutorial uses the register with the old layout. Click here to see the tutorial with the new layout
  • The new register layout is available from version C481 onwards. Click here to download the latest version of Nex.
  • This feature is only available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our subscription plans.
  • It is recommended to open and close the register daily. The program uses opening and closing information to generate reports, allowing greater control of your business.

Shall we check the register reports together?

1. Click on the REGISTER icon.

2. Click on SEE TOTAL.

3. On the SUMMARY tab, it is possible to check the summary of all register movements, such as sales, amounts received, debt payments, among others.

4. In the PAYMENT METHOD option, there are all the payment methods registered in this register.

5. Under STOCK MOVEMENT, you can check all products that have had their stock changed in this register.

6. In the SALES BY CATEGORY tab, the quantity and total sales by product category are displayed.

7. Finally, on the TRANSACTION tab, there is a detailed description of each transaction registered in the cash register.

8. You can click on the REPORT button to generate a report of the current register.

9. A window will open with several options to generate your report, in PART 1 select what you want to appear in that report by checking each box.

10. In PART 2, select the printer you'll use to print the report, or set the option to Microsoft Print to PDF to save it in that format on your computer.

11. In PART 3, set the format in which you want to print or save the report and click OK (F2) to save the changes.

Done! If you want to check the reports of other register, click on PREVIOUS REGISTER and do the same procedure.

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