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How to print or save the register reports in PDF

See how convenient it is to print or save your Nex register reports to PDF.


  • This tutorial uses the register with the new layout. Click here to see the tutorial with the old layout.
  • The new register layout is available from version C481 onwards. Click here to download the latest version of Nex.
  • This feature is only available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our subscription plans.
  • It is recommended to open and close the register daily. The program uses opening and closing information to generate reports, allowing greater control of your business.

Shall we learn how to print or save reports in PDF?

1. Access the REGISTER screen, on the left side menu.

2. Access the PREVIOUS REGISTERS tab.

3. Locate the REGISTER you want to generate the report.

4. Click on the THREE DOTS (...) and then click on REPORT.

5. Check the INFORMATION you want to appear in the report.

6. To print, select your printer in field REGISTER.

To save in PDF, select MICROSOFT PRINT TO PDF or another PDF generator you have available.

7. Select FORMAT to print or PDF. You can choose PAPER (A4) or COIL.

8. Click on OK - F2 for the printout or PDF to be generated.

    9. Printing

9.1. Click on the PRINTER icon in the upper left corner.

9.2. Select the printer in the NAME field, then click on OK to print.

     10. Save (PDF).

10.1. Click on the DISK icon.

10.2. Click on PDF FILE and then click on OK.

10.3. Select the LOCATION you want to save and then click on SAVE.

You can also select a period to print or save using the TOTAL PERIOD option in the previous register tab. To do so, simply enter the desired period and click on REPORT. For more details on totaling previous registers, click here.

Done! You have now learned how to print and save your register reports in PDF.

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