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How to sort the categories on sales screen through the Nex Sales App

See how simple it is to change the order of categories on the sales screen.


  • The Nex app is available on all our plans. Learn more about Nex subscription plans.
  • Synchronization of information between the Nex sales application and the Nex installed on the computer is only available from version C479. Here's how to update your Nex.
  • In order to synchronize information, both the cell phone and the computer must be connected to the internet.

Shall we learn to sort the categories?

1. Access the ADMINISTRATIVE screen by clicking on the last icon of the lower menu, on the right side.

2. Click on CATEGORY.

3. Click and hold on the DOTS of the category you want to sort and DRAG to the desired position.

You can adjust the categories in any order you like.

4. Click on the ARROW at the top left to return to the administrative screen.

5. The configured order will appear on the sales screen.

Done! You sorted the sales screen categories through the Nex Sales App.

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