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How to subscribe and/or renew the plan through the Nex app

See how simple it is to subscribe and/or renew the plan using the Nex sales application.


  • The subscription create from the app can only be managed/canceled through the app and the subscription created from the computer can only be managed from the computer.

What are Nex subscription plans?

Nex has several features, but some of them are intended for certain subscription plans. Our Free plan — the free plan for an indefinite period — is the simplest plan offered by Nex. In the sales application we also have PRO and PREMIUM plans, each with more features than the previous one, but these plans require a subscription to be used. Learn more about the available features and price of each of the Nex plans.

Shall we learn how to sign up for plans using the Nex sales app?

1. Access the ADMINISTRATIVE screen by clicking on the icon with three lines.


3. Click on SUBSCRIBE.

4. Select the desired RECURRENCE.

You can opt for monthly, semi-annual (every 6 months) or annual (every 12 months) recurrences. Subscriptions for semi-annual and annual recurrences have a discount, but the amount is paid in a single installment, with no possibility of paying in installments.


6. The Google Play payment option will open on your screen. Check the information presented on the screen and click on SUBSCRIBE to confirm your subscription.

7. Subscription confirmation will appear on the screen.

After confirmation, the plan and resources will be released automatically.

Done! Your subscription was successful and you can now use the features of the chosen plan.

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