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Get Rewarded Product: Loyalty Points

Learn in this tutorial how to exchange loyalty points for products in your store.

To exchange your customers points, the first step is to access the Customer menu, on the left sidebar and locate the customer. Then, click "Show: All Customers" on the top. Go to Loyalty Program and then click on "Get rewarded product"

The "Exchange Loyalty Award" screen will open. This screen is similar to the "Sales" screen and so is the operation. The points will appear next to your customer's name (in blue) and also at the bottom right corner (in green)

Important: to exchange a product for points its necessary to enable the option and set the amount of points necessary. You can check how to do it here.

See the minimum amount necessary on the bottom right of the screen, right above the amount available.

Select the product by typing its name or searching with the barcode scanner and type the amount to be redeemed with your customers loyalty points.

Click "Save - F2" at the top or press the "F2" key to save and make the exchange between the points and products selected.

To confirm, click on Ok.

It is important to remember that it is not necessary to exchange all the amount at once. You can redeem your points little by little as your customer wishes.

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