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View Your Customer's Loyalty Points

Learn how to check your customer's score available to use, accumulated score and the amount already redeemed.

To check the available and redeemed score used by your customer, the first step is to access the "Customers" menu on the left sidebar

Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.

Roll the bar to the right edge by accessing the right side of the customer table.

Analyze the three columns on scoring: Available Points, Accumulated Points and Redeemed Points.

The "Available Points" column shows the score that the customer has available to exchange for products or automatically exchange for credits in your store.

The "Accumulated Points" column shows the total points that the customer has had in your store since the first purchase, adding what he has available to what he has already redeemed (spent).

Finally, the "Redeemed Points" column brings up the amount of points your client has already spent. That is, he bought products, was subsidized with points in your store and has already exchanged this amount of points for other products or credits.

To view your score history, edit the customer registration or double-click on his name.

Access the "Loyalty extract" menu on the left side of the product registration.

The list will show customer score transactions. In this example there are three redemption prizes where none of them have been canceled. The transaction type, number of points involved, date, time, box number, item type, amount paid and the name of the employee are shown in detail.

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