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How to register a product through Nex on the web

See how to register new products, accessing Nex from any internet browser on your computer.


  • This feature is available on Free and Premium plans. Find out more about our subscription plans.
  • Nex in the browser is in the implementation phase, and new features will be added soon!

Shall we learn how to register a product through Nex on the web?

1. Click here to access Nex in your browser and log in with the EMAIL and PASSWORD from your Nex account.

2. Access the PRODUCTS tab.

3. Click on the PLUS (+) icon.

4. Fill in the product INFORMATION.

It is necessary to fill in at least the name field.

5. If necessary, click on the CAMERA icon to add a photo.

6. Select the desired IMAGE and then click on OPEN.

7. After filling in the product data, click on SAVE.

Done! You learned how to register a new product using Nex in the browser.

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