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How to access the stock transactions tab in Nex on the web

Learn how to access the inventory transaction screen and check the movement history of your products through the browser.


  • This feature is available on Free and Premium plans. Find out more about our subscription plans.
  • Nex in the browser is in the implementation phase, and new features will be added soon!

What are inventory transactions and what are they for?

Transactions carried out in your inventory are recorded in your database. This way, you can access the history of transactions that have already been carried out and that moved your stock through the stock transactions tab.

Shall we learn how to view the inventory transactions tab through Nex on the web?

1. Click here to access Nex in your browser and log in with the EMAIL and PASSWORD from your Nex account.

2. Go to STOCK menu.

3. On CURRENT STOCK menu, it is possible to check the stock of the products.

On Current stock you can see the total amount in stock of that product; Orders column shows the total amount of the product in open orders and the Available column shows the diference between the total available to be sold, this is the difference between the Current stock and the Orders in stock amounts.

4. Go to TRANSACTIONS tab.

5. Click on the PLUS (+) icon to register STOCK INPUT TRANSACTIONS.

6. It possible to register CUSTOMER RETURNS: when customer want to return a product; PURCHASE: when you receive new products or stock from a supplier and STOCK ADJUSTMENTS: used for small changes on stock.

7. Click on the MINUS (-) icon to register STOCK OUTPUT TRANSACTIONS.

8. It possible to register RETURN TO SUPPLIER: when a product has some malfunction or any problem, INTERNAL USE AND CONSUMPTION: when you use a product from your stock and STOCK ADJUSTMENTS: when a product spoils, for example.

Done! You can also apply filters to the “type” column and view transactions separately. See here how to apply filters and sub-filters.

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