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How to generate the sales quantity report using Nex on the web

See how practical it is to check the number of sales made in your store, in a specific period, using Nex on the web.


  • This feature is available on Free and Premium plans. Find out more about our subscription plans.
  • Nex in the browser is in the implementation phase, and new features will be added soon!

Shall we check the Nex sales quantity report on the web?

1. Click here to access Nex in your browser and log in with the EMAIL and PASSWORD from your Nex account.

2. Access the STATISTICS tab.

3. Click on PERIOD to select the desired PERIOD or DATE.

4. Click on the TIME to select the time filter.

You can generate the report with today's date, yesterday's date, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, the last 3 months or choose a customized period.


The number of sales shows the total number of transactions completed in the filtered period, considering sales made by Nex on the computer, on the web, in the Online Catalog and on the cell phone.

6. Check the information on the screen.

On this screen, you can also check the day with the most/least sales and the channel that sold the most in the period informed.

Done! Now you can check your sales quantity via Nex in the browser.

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