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How to print or send a quotation by email

See how simple it is to print or send a quotation by email to a customer.


  • This feature is only available to Nex subscribers. See here more about our program's subscription plans.
  • You must have created a quotation on Nex to approve or reject it. See here how to create a quotation.
  • It is necessary to have a registered customer on Nex. Click here to find out how to register a customer.
  • Approving a quotation does not generate a sale. Click here to learn how to generate a sale from a quotation.

Shall we learn how to print or email a quotation?

1. On the SALES screen, click on QUOTATIONS.

This screen will show the quotations already created. See here how to create a quotation.

2. Identify the QUOTATION you want and click on OPEN - F2.

3. Click on PRINT in the upper right corner.

4. Choose the PRINTER and PRINT TEMPLATE to print the quotation.

5. Click on PRINT.

6. If you prefer to send by email, select the QUOTATION and click ON SEND BY EMAIL.

7. Confirm the CUSTOMER EMAIL, the STORE EMAIL information and the TEXT to be sent.

8. Click on SEND.

Done! The quote was printed or sent by email.

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