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How to approve and reject a quotation

After creating a quotation for your client, see how to approve or reject it.


  • This feature is only available to Nex subscribers. See here more about our program's subscription plans.
  • You must have created a quotation created on Nex to approve or reject it. See here how to create quotation.
  • Approving a quotation does not generate a sale. Click here to learn how to generate a sale from a quotation.

Shall we learn how to approve or reject a quotation?

1. On the SALES screen, click on QUOTATIONS.

This screen will show the budgets already created. See here how to create a quotation.

2. Identify the QUOTATION you want to approve or reject and click on OPEN - F2.

3. Click on STATUS: PENDING.

4. Select the APPROVED (F2) option, if the customer approved the quotation, or select the REFUSED (F3) option, if the customer refused the quotation.

5. Click on the X icon to close the quotation details.

6. The quotation STATUS will be updated in the budget list according to the selected option.

Done! The quotation status has changed. Remember that you can change the approved or rejected status at any time, just carry out the procedure again.

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