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Quotation: Approve, Deny and Sell

After creating your quotation learn how to approve it or reject it and finally how to sell it.

After creating a quotation it appears as "Pending" awaiting approval, sale and payment or for the customer to refuse so you can cancel the budget.

If the customer responded to your quotation, approving or refusing, select the option at the top. Approval or rejection can be changed at any time in the system using the same

buttons, if your client wants to change his decision.

You can edit the quotation, changing the products contained in it, discounts and observations.

You can then print a new quotation by clicking the icon that resembles a printer at the top of the screen.

You can also send a new quotation via email by clicking the "@" sign at the top of the screen.

Once approved, you can "sell " your quotation. Click Sell or press the F4 key.

When sold, the budget will appear in the list of "Pending Sales" in the Sales menu.

When the customer makes the payment, select it and click Pay / Finish, or press the F2 key.

Make the payment normally with the desired payment method, like you would make in a regular sale.

All set! Quotation approved and successfully paid.

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