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Clear (reset) all data

Learn how to reset some or all of the data from your database on the Nextar Software.

Many customers seek to reset  their database or part of it after a period of testing with the software, or even after a long period using the system to remove obsolete data. To make this removal is quite simple.

The first step is to open your NexServ (NEXTAR server) on the screen.

At your NexServ, access the tab "1.Database", then click "Reset Database" in the icon that resembles a trash can.

Mark one of the four options offered by the program, what you want to remove, as needed. Once selected, click the "Delete Database Information" button.

Two confirmation messages will appear. Confirm them to proceed. A small tab will show the progress of the procedure. Wait until the end.

All set! Click OK and you can now open the NexAdmin,  with the data removed, and start working normally.

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