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Open Your NexServ (NEX Server)

Learn how to start your store's server and avoid any problem while starting the NEXTAR Software.

When you install the NextarSoftware it installs two important applications, NexAdmin (manager - blue icon) and NexServ (server - red icon). The NexServ must always be open for the NexAdmin to work. Always open it before opening the NexAdmin. In some situations, errors can occur like in the following image, which means that you have not opened your NexServ.

To open the server is simple. Locate the icon that resembles a small house with red roof and double click it.

The NexServ will open and you can minimize it in the "Minimize" button.

Note that the NexServ remains open next to the windows clock.

All set! You can now open your NexAdmin and start working normally.

You can also follow this tutorial if your program doesn't open. If the problem persists, please contact us by clicking here so we can help you as quickly as possible!

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