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Recommended System Requirements

Learn the minimum requirements and recommendations to use the NEXTAR Software in your store and have the system running perfectly.

The NEXTAR Software is an extremely lightweight system and it is compatible with almost all Windows, but to run perfectly we indicate the recommended requirements below:

• 1 gigahertz (GHz ) or higher 32-bit (x86 ) or 64-bit (x64 )

• 1 GB RAM ( 32-bit ) or 2 GB RAM ( 64-bit)

• 2 GB of available disk space (more space depending on the size of your database may be required)

• Windows Vista or higher (from January the support via Windows XP will be limited to chat only. We do not recommend the use of Windows XP for being an operating system that no longer receives support or updates from Microsoft. For this reason we can not ensure the NEXTAR Software will be able to run )

Frequently Asked Questions

• Do I need to get any other program Installed on the computer to run the NEX? No. You only need to have the computer running with the newest Windows Update with all runtimes updated and your NEXTAR will work quickly and easy in your day to day with no problem.

• Does the NEXTAR Software works on other operating systems like Linux, Macintosh, etc? No. Unfortunately the NEXTAR Software is not compatible to other operating systems. It works only with Windows.

• Can I buy the NEXTAR Software so I no longer have the need to pay monthly? No. We have a business plan that is through tuition only or free through the Free plan. There are some complaints because the subscription needs to be renewed over and over. For this, there would be two solutions: the first being to purchase the signature of any plan, the six- month package (six months) or yearly (one year). So you need to renew again few times a year. Another way is to sign in using credit card. Using the card the renewal is done automatically .

• Does The NEXTAR Software works on tablets and smartphones? In the future we will give full support for tablets and smartphones but today we can not guarantee the operation. There are shops that work with tablets using the Windows platform and using with the NEXTAR Software, but our system is not 100% ready for this .

• Can I use Windows 10? Yes! The NEXTAR Software is fully compatible with Windows 10, it will work without problems.

• Do I need internet for my NEXTAR Software to work? No. The internet is required only when installing for activation or creating your record (when you download the program and install it), for validating your signature Pro or Premium (you can not make the signature if there is no internet connection for at least a few minutes at each renewal) and technical support (you must have your internet working so that we can offer you support. We can not guarantee full support without this requisite ) ..

• Do I need to be in Brazil for the NEXTAR Sotware to run? No, the NEXTAR Software works perfectly anywhere in the world. We have many customers working with no problem in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa.

• Can I use a cloud system to store my data? This is a very common question. The database that is running CAN NOT be in the cloud as it may cause serious damage to it due to the double immediate synchronization both the cloud system (Dropbox, Drive, etc) and the server itself. You can use your cloud system to save your backups, it is completely safe. It is very simple, just select your cloud's folder as the destination folder on your NexServ, on the backup screen. See more about Backup!

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