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Clone Products

Learn how to clone products to generate a new product from a previously one already registered

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If you need to work with a variety of sizes, colors or other features that vary within a single product, the NEXTAR Software offers you a quick registration via cloning.

The cloning option does exactly what it says it doubles the product and you will only need to edit the part that appears its variation  with separate stocks for better control even if you use the same code.

Access Products

On the left bar of your NEXTAR Software  click the "Products" menu.

Select the product and edit

The next step is to locate the product that has a specific variation, it can be its color, size or anything else. After locating it edit by clicking the icon that resembles a notebook and a pencil on top or simply double-click the product.

Click on "Cloning" at the top

The product registration will open. Now you just need to click on "Clone" at the top of the window.

In the description change the variation of this product

By clicking "Clone" a warning will appear explaining the function. From this time the product has already been cloned and you only need to change its variation. In the image below the example is an apple which we will change the type.

Add the amount in stock that you have of this product

In the "Current Stock" field enter the amount available in your stock for this variation of this product. Then Save at the top or press the F2 key.

Confirm if the same code will be used or change it for a different

If you chose to keep the same code of the product with another variation  the program will warn you. Then you can click Ok and change the code or allow that these products have the same code. There is no problem having the same  code for more than one product, the program will ask you which one you sell when you use the bar code reader facilitating the sales process.

If you use the same code enable registration with the same code

On the warning screen that the code already exists click the "Enable registration of products with the same code" option. On the next screen check "Allow registering more than one product with the same code". Finally, click Ok to confirm and again Ok to save and close confirming the creation of the product. This process of accepting a duplicate code will not be repeated in the next cloning streamlining the process.

View the product cloned in the listing

All set. The cloning was performed completely and the product can be seen on the list with its own inventory and changes made along with the previous product which was used as a base.

Clone as many products as needed

You can repeat this action for as many product variations as you have. See in the image below how fast it is to clone a product.

How to select the product at the time of sale

Locate with the bar code reader  products with the same code

With the reader you can search for products that have been registered with the same code  the program will offer the options available and you just need to select which one you will sell based on the variations created.

All set! You have registered your products with their variations and quickly made a sale locating it with the reader.

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