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See how to register a product to start your store’s inventory control

To control the stock of your store, start by registering a new product. First click "Products" on the left Sidebar of the software.

On the products screen, click the green icon “add”(+) at the top of the screen. 

A screen with a product registration form will appear.

Remember that on the "Barcode (SKU)" field (shown in yellow) you can read the barcode with the scanner (learn more) so you can also use the scanner to sell it later . If you do not want to use the scanner , you can type anything you want in this field and so be able to manually search on it at the time of sale.

In the "Current Stock" field you can add the stock or inventory value of the product during registration. You can also add stock afterwards by clicking on "Stock Input" (learn more) at the product screen or by editing the product data once again.

When you finish the filling the desired data of the product, save it in the top left by clicking "Save" or pressing F2.

All set! Now you will see that the product is in the product screen list.

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