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Accounts Payable

What is the Accounts Payable?

See how simple it is to control your accounts through Nex.


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What is Accounts Payable and how does it work?

Accounts payable is a Nex feature designed to facilitate your financial organization, allowing you to register bills that must be paid and keeping a history of payment transactions carried out by your establishment. With it, it is possible to have greater control, making it easier to check if a certain account is about to expire or if it has already been paid.

Let's learn about the accounts payable feature?

1. Access the ACCOUNTS PAYABLE screen, on the left side menu.

2. Click on the FILTER icon and then on ALL to see your accounts registered on the system.

3. Click on the FILTER icon and then NOT PAID to see your accounts that have yet to be paid.

Overdue bills will also appear on this screen.

4. Click on the FILTER icon and then OVERDUE to see bills that are past due date.

5. Click on the FILTER icon and then on NOT OVERDUE to check the accounts that are yet to expire.

6. Click on the FILTER icon and then on PAID to check your accounts that have already had its payment registered.

To return to the normal view of all accounts after applying the filter, just click on the FILTER icon again.

Done! You can now view all account payables registered in Nex.

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