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Accounts Payable

How to register accounts payable payments

See in this tutorial how simple and practical it is to write off a payable account, that is, make its payment.


  • This feature is available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our program subscription plans.
  • You must have a payable account registered with Nex. See here how to add an account payable.

What does it mean to write off an account payable?

By writing off a payable account, you are recording the payment for that account. Informing the amount paid, date of payment, among others.

Are we going to learn how to write off an account payable?

1. On the Accounts payable screen, locate the ACCOUNT you wish to withdraw AND Click on PAY- F2.

2. If necessary, change the PAID AMOUNT.

Nex will fill in this field automatically with the value of the document that was previously registered.

3. If necessary, change the PAYMENT DATE.

Nex will automatically fill in this field with the date on which the write-off is being registered.

4. Check the option DEDUCT THIS PAYMENT IN THE CURRENT REGISTER, if you want this amount to be debited from the current open cash register.

5. If necessary, add a COMMENT.

6. After verifying the information, click on PAY - F2.

Done! The account payment is already registered.

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