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Accounts Payable

How to search for accounts registered in accounts payable

Finding the account you're looking for within Nex just got even easier.


  • This feature is available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our program subscription plans.
  • You must have a payable account registered with Nex. See here how to add an account payable.

What do I need to search for an account payable?

You can search for an account by payee name, referrer, document type, account value or code. To carry out the search, it is necessary to have one of the pieces of information that was registered when registering the account payable.

Shall we learn how to search for an account payable?

1. On the Accounts payable screen, click on the SEARCH field.

2. Enter the INFORMATION you are looking for.

You can enter the payee's name, document type, account amount, code, or reference to.

3. The system will only show accounts that have the information entered in the field.

To return to the normal view of all accounts, delete the information entered in the search field.

Done! You've learned how to search for accounts payable.

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