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How to complete an online order on sale

See how to complete an online order placed through the Online Catalog on a sale, to make the product(s) available for pick-up or delivery.


  • Online ordering is available starting with version 473 and for Nex subscribers. Learn more about our plans.
  • Completing an online order on sale will send an email to your customer with an order status update.

Shall we complete an online order on a sale together?

1. Click on the SALES icon.

2. Click on OPEN ORDERS and go to ONLINE ORDERS tab.

3. Locate and select a PENDING ORDER.

4. Click on PAY/CONFIRM (F2).

5. Inform the MEANS OF PAYMENT and the AMOUNT PAID.

6. Click on SAVE (F2).

Done! The online order has been completed and can now be viewed in the sales tab. You can identify the online order transaction through the ORIGIN column, which will be indicating the online catalog.

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