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How the customer will place an order through your Online Catalog

Here's how to place an online order in your Online Catalog so you can teach your customers if needed.


  • Online ordering is available starting with version 473 and for Nex subscribers. Learn more about our plans.
  • Order status updates are sent to the customer's email. You can communicate with your customer by email or by the WhatsApp number that he will inform you when placing the order.

Shall we file an order online together?

1. Access the Online Catalog website.

2. Click on the desired PRODUCT.

3. Click on ADD TO CART.

If necessary, modify the quantity of the product by clicking on + or -

4. If the product allows the fractionation of the quantity, inform the FRACTIONAL VALUE and click on ADD TO CART.

5. After adding all the products in the order, click on the CART icon.

6. Check the items and click on PROCEED.

If you wish, you can change the quantity of the order items or add a note.


8. If you have chosen the delivery option, inform the DELIVERY ADDRESS and click on PROCEED.

9. Inform the NAME and E-MAIL for order identification.

10. Inform the WHATSAPP number and check the I AGREE WITH THE PRIVACY POLICY option.

11. Click on SEND ORDER.

A PDF with the summary of the order will be generated and saved.

Done! The online order has been registered and is now available in the Program for acceptance.

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