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How to check invoicing statistics and average ticket through the Nex Sale App

See how simple it is to view your sales statistics through the Nex Sales App.


  • The Nex app is available on all our plans. Learn more about Nex subscription plans.
  • Synchronization of information between the Nex sales application and the Nex installed on the computer is only available from version C479. Here's how to update your Nex.

Shall we consult the statistics?

1. Access the ADMINISTRATIVE SCREEN by clicking on the last icon in the lower right menu.

2. Click on the STATISTICS menu.

3. Click on the PERIOD between to set the query.

4. Select a PREDETERMINED PERIOD or click on CHOOSE PERIOD to enter a custom date.

5. If you chose to CHOOSE PERIOD, a new window will open, then click on the PENCIL icon to edit the range of the query period.

6. Enter the START and END DATE of the period and click OK.

7. Done! You will have the total invoicing, the amount of sales and the average ticket and the gross profit for the selected period.

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