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View the transaction number (code/ID)

If you need to access your transaction numbers, learn how easily it is with this tutorial.

See also the step-by-step with the following text and images:

The transaction ID is a way of control that can be used to control the sale, location of a particular transaction or, in the case of the cash register, to check the correct register when searching.

Visit the Register menu in the left bar

Click "View Total" on the top and then "Transactions"

In the register screen, click "See Total" to access the transactions of the current register. In the window that opens, click on the "Transactions" options.

Enable the column “Transaction number"

On the table that shows the transactions, click the left button of the first column. Check the item "Trans."

Analyze the product code

All set! Now you have the ID (transaction number) in the left column of the table.

Check in previous registers

Go back to the menu "Register"

You can also check this code in previous register transactions. For this, first return to the menu register by closing the window "View Total" we opened.

Go to "Previous Registers"

At the top screen of the menu "Register" click the "Previous registers" tab.

Click "Totalize Period"

At the top of the screen go to "Totalize Period" to locate within the period the transaction from the ID.

Select the period and click "Totalize"

Determine the start date and then the final date where the transaction is located. Finally, click "Totalize" to check all registers within this period.

Go to "Transactions"

Enable the column "Transaction number"

Just like before, click on the left button of the first column and mark "Trans"

Locate the desired transaction

Inside the table locate the desired transaction that is in order, making it easier to search.

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