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Configure a Product for Selling Products by Weight or Length

Learn how to set products to be sold by the kilo, pound, meter, etc.

In order to sell products fractionally (e.g. 30fl OZ, 2.7 kg, 9.2 m, etc), you must first configure the product to be sold as such by adding a unit of measuring to the product in inventory.

Select a Product

Access the Products menu on the left bar of your Nextar POS Software and pick a product from the list. Use the search bar or scroll down to find the desired product. 

Double-click to Edit the Product

Edit the item by double-clicking it or clicking the notepad located at the top of the screen.If you haven't added the product to inventory yet just click the green plus icon to add it. And then proceed with the configuration.

Add a Unit of Measurement

In the product screen, go to the Unit option. Enter the abbreviation of the desired unit of measurement (kg. fl. ft, etc). If you don't find the unit of measurement that you are looking for, you can add a new one. Some of the most common ones are mt, ft, ml, fl OZ, Kg, G, Lt, etc.

Check the "Fractionate" box.

This step is very important. Don't forget to check the "Fractionate" box, located next to Unit. Press F2 to Save.

That's it. The product was successfully modified. 

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