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Money Outflow Reports

Learn how to quickly get outflow report within the desired period of time using your NEXTAR.

The NEXTAR Software provides a very useful function for the control of your cash register, the money outflow feature. For better control, it is ideal to know how to get these outflow reports, whether it is a report of a certain period or a certain register.

Go to the "Register" menu

The first step to generate the report is to access the "Register" menu on the left bar of your NexAdmin .

Click "View Total"

To check the outflow in the current register, click "View Total " at the top of the screen.

See item "Money withdrawn"

On the "Financial Summary" tab analyze the "Closing Balance". There you will have various information. Among them are the item "Money withdrawn" that shows the cash outflow of this register.

Go to "Previous registers"

Now we will generate a report within a period of time, totalizing the registers within this period. Close the current register window. In the "Register" menu, click "Previous registers" at the top .

Click "Totalize Period"

In the tab "Previous Registers" click Totalize period at the top of the screen.

Select the period

In the top left of the window, select the start and end date. Then click "Totalize".

Analyze the item "Money Withdrawn"

In the "Financial Resume" window, in the total period see "Received Values" as when we saw for the current register, see the item "Money Withdrawn" which shows the outflow within the period you selected .

Access Transactions to View the cash outflow of this period

If you want to see the outflow issued at this time, just access the "Transactions" tab at the top of the window.

Filter using the "Type" column

Make a filter by dragging the "Type" column to the dark gray bar above the table

Make the “Outflow Register” expansion filter

After filtering, divisions will appear. Click the + icon on the left to expand the desired type of transaction, in this case "Outflow Register "

Then visualize cash outflow within the period

All set! Now you have all the money outflow made within the period determined in detail.

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