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See how simple it is to count your inventory

On the Products menu, go to the Inventory tab. After that, click on New.

Enter the date of your inventory. After selecting it, click OK and the system will load the stock and cost that was on that date into the system.

Wait for the system to load all inventory information from the requested date. Depending on the amount of information, it may take a while to load.

In the screen that will open, you will be able to feed the information. Just insert the quantity and click on the down arrow to the system goes to the next product. Same thing with the cost of the item

Some items will appear in red. This means they have negative inventory or cost. To see only these products, select the Awaiting Conference button. Just adjust the negative values they will get off the list automatically.

When you have done, just click Finish at the top.

At this moment, the registration of their products have not yet been affected. If you want these new inventory and cost values to be added to products, click Update Product Inventory.

Done! You have now taken inventory of your company and have updated your product registration based on this conference.

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Products / Inventory