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Export Customers to Excel XLS

Learn how to export your customers list to an .xls file (Excel).

For various functions you can export your customers table to an xls file (Excel). The Nextar Software enables you to do it quickly obtaining all data from the customer registration data, debits, credits or whatever else you want.

Access the customer's menu

The first step is to access the Customers menu on the left bar of the Nextar Software.

Select the columns you want it to show in the xls file.

Click the icon in the upper left corner of the table. Check the items that you want to appear and clear the ones you see as unnecessary.

Click File, and then Export at the top.

At the left top corner of the NEXTAR window click on File. Then click on Export. You can also simply use the command Shift+F5 on your keyboard.

Select where to save

In the window that will appear, choose where you want to save the file. You can rename it as well. When finished, click Save.

Visualize the saved file

Open the saved file. It will present the selected tables and show all the desired information.

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