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Correct Database

In case of any clutter in your database or if the program does not open a simple correction can solve it. Learn how!

Sometimes for reasons such as power failure, computer improper shutdown, virus, Windows errors or problems in the hard disk, among others an error may occur in the database. If this occurs you will need to make a simple correction in the database.

To make a correction in the database you first need to open your NexServ on the screen double-clicking the icon located next to the Windows clock in the lower right corner or double-click the program icon.

At the top of your NexServ screen, select the "Database" tab.

Click the "Correct Database" option in the left bar.

Start the database correction by clicking "Run database correction”. A request will appear asking if you really want to start a correction in the database. Confirm to start. Correction will start. Wait for the process to end. The correction usually takes a few seconds but may take a few minutes depending on the size of your database. A completion message in the process of correction will appear. Click OK and the system will be ready to be used.

If the correction does not solve the problem, contact support by clicking here, so we can help you as quickly as possible.

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