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Stock Input and Output (Control)

Learn how to entry or exit a great stock amount using your barcode reader.

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There are two ways to control or edit your stock . One is the stock Input option or stock output we will see in this tutorial. The other is through the Product Registry Editing, editing and changing the total quantity in stock.

The first step is to access the Products menu in the main NEXTAR Software screen on the left bar.

Click “Stock” at the top of the screen. Next click “Stock Input”.

In the stock input screen enter the product name or code. You can also use your bar code reader for this search

Enter the amount to be added. If in product registration you indicated that you allow to add fractionally products you will be able to add amounts like 1.5, 0.750 etc.

After launching all of your products save at top left of the screen or press the F2 key to finish.

All set! Now your stock was successfully added!

To make the stock output the procedure is the same but after clicking stock click stock output instead of input.

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