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Sales Report by Period

Review the times your store sells best and build strategies for the low peaks

With this report, you can analyze the quantity and value of the sale by period or by day. This allows you to analyze times when you have low sales, and evaluate the time of the first and last sales of the day.

If the system is up to date, click Statistics on the side menu and select option 5 - Peak Time as shown below:

After selecting option 5, enter the period, from when to when you want to analyze, and click Generate as shown below:

The system will show the time in the first column, next to quantity and value. The system will sort from the time with more sales to the time with fewer sales. If you want to analyze the time of the first and last sales of the day, reorder by the hour column, clicking on the title of the column, as shown below:

In the example, the first sales of the day were 7 o'clock in the morning and the last 5 o'clock at night. With this, you can analyze whether it is ok to open or close the store at these times. Sometimes you identify that it its worth it to stay open until later or open later for example.

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