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Register Product To Sell It Fractionally

Learn how to configure your product to make a partial sale, selling the product partitioned (kg, m, Lt, etc).

To sell a product fractionally or partitioned (ex: 0.5 liters, 2.7 kg, 9.5 m, etc), you must first configure your products by adding the unit of measure and activating it when registering.

Access Products menu and Select your product

To set this setting the first step is to access the Products menu on the left bar of your NEXTAR Software and select the product from the list. To find the product you can use the search or screen scrolling .

Double-click the item or click the edit icon

When selecting the product, edit it by double-clicking or by clicking the icon that resembles a notebook and a pencil on the top screen. If you did not register this product just click the green plus icon ( + ) to create a new product. And then just proceed normally with the configuration.

Add a measurement unit to the product

In the "Product Registration" screen having all data registered as needed, go to the "Unit" option. Enter the measurement unit acronym, it can be kilogram, meter, liter or etc, preferably using two digits. If the desired measure unit is not registered you can add a new one. Examples of the most common units are: mt, ml , kg , g , lt , m2 , m2, etc.

Check the "Allow Fractionation" option

Next comes an indispensable item. It is important to note the item "Allow Fractionation" that appears next to the "Unit" option, for the fractional sale to work with this product.

Save at the top left

All set! Product now registered successfully! Save at the top left to set your changes.


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