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Product Registration

Learn how to simply registrate your products with NEXTAR

To register a product with the Nextar, first click Products on the left sidebar of your NexAdmin.

At the Products screen, to create a new product, click on the green icon “add” (+) at the top of the screen.

A  product registration form will appear to be filled. After filling the blank spaces that you need, click Save at the top left of the screen.

Remember that on the Barcode field (yellow marked at the image) you can scan the barcode with the barcode reader (read more), so you can use the barcode reader to sell later. In case you don't wish to use the reader, you can type anything you wish for on the Barcode field, you can also search manually at the time of the sale.

On “Current Stock” you can add the product quantity during registration. You can also add the quantity later by clicking on “Inventory entry” (read more) on the product screen or editing registration.

All set! Now you will see on the “Product Screen” your products as a list.

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