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Loyalty System: Set and Enable

In this tutorial you will learn how to enable and adjust the settings of the loyalty system at your store.

To enable the Loyalty System at your store,  the first step is to access the “Customers” menu on the left sidebar. Then click on "View " at the top.

Hover over "Loyalty" and then click "Set up customer loyalty system”.

Check the "Enable customer loyalty points system" at the top of the loyalty options window.

Select the proportion of points that the customer will accumulate with each purchase they make at your store. In the example below, we determined that every $1.00 spent at the store grants the customer 100 points. This reference is very important and should be handled with care. The customer should always be made aware of his accumulated points so that he can exchange them for credit or products at your store.

If you prefer to offer credit in particular set amounts  and the customer hasn’t yet reached the minimum amount spent, check the "proportional score when value is less than the above" option.

Ok, the loyalty system is now configured. You can also set up automatic awards. Click " Reward customers automatically with value in credit for use in the store" for the system to convert the customer's point total every time it reaches a predetermined amount . If you enable this option, the loyal client will then automatically have a value in credit to spend at your store for any products.

If you enable the self-award rule, you must then configure it. Select the required score to automatically reward your customer, and how much will be then be awarded by the program.

Confirm and finish by clicking "Ok".

All set! The loyalty system is ready to use at your store.

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