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Loyalty Program: Setup and Activation

In this Tutorial, you are going to learn how to create and setup a Customer Rewards Program at your store.

In order to create a Loyalty Program, the first step is to access the Customers menu located on the left sidebar. Then click on "Show: All Customers" at the top of the screen right next to the Credit icon.

Now go to "Loyalty Program" and click on "Set-up Customer Loyalty Program".

Check the "Enable Points System" box at the top of the window.

Set your Earning and Spending Rules, which is the number of points earned based on the amount spent in the store. In the example below, we determined that for every $1.00 spent the customer gets 100 points. This information is extremely important, make sure double check it before pressing the OK button. Don't forget to let your customers know their points balance so that they can exchange it for products or discounts at your store.

Depending on your Earning and Spending Rules, you might want to reward your customers with points proportional to the amount spent. In order to do that check the "Points Proportional to Total Spent" box.

Congratulations! Your Loyalty Program is now up and running!

Nextar POS Software also has an "Automatic Rewards" feature. In order to activate it check the "Convert Points into Store Credit Automatically" box. After that, enter a number of points customers have to accumulate and the credit amount they'll receive.

Confirm the information and click "OK".

Done. You are all set! Your Automatic Rewards System is now in place.

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