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Exchange or Return

Learn how to return a product bought by your customer through this tutorial

Many times at your store you will need to make a return or an exchange for your customer.  You'll need the maximum flexibility offered in NEXTAR POS Software to serve him as quickly and easily as possible.

The first step is to access the “Sales” menu on your NEXTAR Software's left sidebar. Next click “Exchange or Return” at the top of your screen, right above the selling list


Locate with the sale number

The first possible way is through item “1. By sale number." Enter the sale number that is on your customer's receipt and click "Next".

Because this is a return made from the sale number, the search is accurate and will only show this transaction. It will appear so you can verify the time, date, clerk and values to make sure that this really is the sale you want to return. Click "Next".

At the Next screen the products of this transaction will appear. Mark the products you wish to return in the far left column. If you sold multiple units of this product  (more than one unit , kilogram, meter, etc), the system will ask  how many you want to return. Enter and confirm, then check  the total and click "Next".

At this last screen you can choose whether to return as a credit or money refund. If you return as credit, simply select the customer or confirm the customer that appears, if he is already linked to the sale. If the return is money refund, select item #2 and click "Finish" . This amount will leave the register automatically.

All set! The return through sale code is done successfully.

Return made by the customer’s registration

The second way of returning the product is by locating it through your customer's buying history. To do this, access item "2. By Customer"  or press F5, locate the customer and click "Ok". Finally click "Next".

The customer's transaction list will appear. Select the transaction that you want to return. Check date and time, employee, total, etc. Then click "Next".

Mark the returning items. If it was sold multiple units of this item, the program will ask how many you wish to return. Enter the quantity as mentioned earlier  and click "OK" . Then click "Next " .

Select how the refund will be made

All set! The items have been returned successfully.

Return by Date

Click item “3. By date” and select the date the transaction was made and click “next”.

Locate the transaction on the list and click “next”.

Select returning item and quantity.

Select the form of return.

Return by product

Return by searching product

Select item “4. By product” and locate the desired product.

From the list, select the transaction you wish to return.

Select returning item and quantity.

Select the form of return.

All set! The items have been returned successfully.



It is important to remember that the return will appear as a “Credit” in the customer's account and can be seen through the “Customers” menu in the “Credits” column.

The quantities returned in Cash or any payment method for your customer (cards, checks, vouchers, etc.), are listed in the register where the transaction was made. See this by accessing the "register" menu, and if it was in a previous day’s register, by clicking on "Previous register " at the top and selecting with two clicks the wanted register.

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