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Create filters and sub-filters in tables

Create connections between a product type and stock, dates and customer credit, transaction, debits and more.

In any table, either on the screen Products, Register, Customers etc., you can filter by the column header and create sub-filters from other headers.

To use this function, first go to a screen that contains a table. As an example in this tutorial we will use the Products menu.

Click and drag the desired column up the gray bar above.

The products table will then appear separated by categories. To expand a category, click the + icon to the left of each category.

You can add more columns to create sub-filters. Just drag the other columns also to the gray bar. To undo a filter just drag the column back to the list by removing from the gray bar.

This way you can filter not only what is in products but also in Customers, Register, Sales or any other screen that contains a table.

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